Go International: FISIP UNAIR Plan Partnership with Four Australian Universities 12 July 2017

Surabaya – PR | In pursuit of World Class University predicate, a lot of efforts has been done by UNAIR. To achieve that result, FISIP UNAIR visited four universities and an international conference in Australia. The visit lasted for nine days, used for creating partnership and promoting…

Give a Positive Response to UNAIR, The Students and Lecturer from Miami Visited FISIP UNAIR 26 May 2017

Surabaya – PR | Students exchange activities are not only dominated by the Indonesian students who want to study abroad. In contrast, there are many foreign students who also want to visit and continue their study in Indonesia and learn…

FISIP Tapped into Youth Role in Achieving Tolerance in Indonesia 24 May 2017

Surabaya – PR | A lot of occurences associated with radicalism have been flooding Indonesian media lately. To address this phenomena, FISIP UNAIR collaborated with SAMASEIRAMA to hold a seminar themed “Youth Role in…

FISIP Encourages Its Students to Become Successful Entrepreneurs 24 May 2017

Surabaya – PR | BEM FISIP UNAIR in collaboration with one of the national private companies held an inspirational event about entrepreneurship titled Diplomat Success Challenge. The purpose of the event was to increase…

Takasimura, PKM-M Team of FISIP UNAIR, Empowers Street Children along with Surabaya’s Communities 23 May 2017

Surabaya – PR | One of FISIP UNAIR’s Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa-Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (PKM-M) or Student Creativity Program-Community Service, namely Takasimura, held a community service in cooperation with…

FISIP Sharpen Prospective Students of Master Programme Competences Along with Foreign University 23 May 2017

Surabaya – PR | Many graduated students of FISIP UNAIR want to continue their study to higher level immediately. The motivation is also balanced with the ease of seeking information to choose the intended university,…

FISIP Officially Partnering with LAPAN on International Policy 03 March 2017

Surabaya – PR | FISIP made an official partnership with National Aeronautics and Space Body/Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional (LAPAN). The partnership was made so FISIP Unair scholars would be able to give inputs, especially about international policy, for aeronautics…

Joint Research and Student Exchange Plan UNAIR-AUT 17 March 2016

Surabaya – Humas | Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Airlangga on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 and received a visit from Lester Finch, International Programme Manager, Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Finch arrival to campus FISIP is to discuss the possibility…


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