Opening New Page, FISIP UNAIR Hold Tasyakuran Event to Open the Even Semester

31 January 2018

Surabaya - Public Relations | On Wednesday (31/01), FISIP UNAIR held Tasyakuran event to open the 2017/2018 semester. This tasyakuran event is an annual event that is held regularly at the beginning of the year. Dekanat, lecturer, staff, BEM, BSO, BLM, and HIMA members also attended the event. This tasyakuran event was held in Room 307 of FISIP Building A and started at 11.30 AM.

This event is a forum to strengthen the relationship between people of FISIP UNAIR. In addition, the purpose of this tasyakuran event is as an expression of gratitude for the achievements that have been achieved FISIP in the year 2017, providing information on the development of the performance of lecturers and staff, as well as exposure of some targets and expectations FISIP in 2018.

In his speech at the beginning of the event, the Dean of FISIP UNAIR, Dr. Falih Suaedi, M. Si., delivered some achievements that have been achieved by FISIP in 2017. One of the prestigious achievements is the success of undergraduate program of ??FISIP Communication Studies to get the highest accreditation from ASEAN University Network - Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) of University Airlangga. At the end of his speech, Falih conveyed his hope for FISIP in 2018 to become better.

The event was continued by giving information about the development and performance results of the lecturers and staff by Dr. Tuti Budirahayu as Vice Dean II. Tuti announced the percentage of success of all study programs in FISIP UNAIR based on Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) assessment. Meanwhile, Nurul Ratna Sari, M.Comm. as the Head of KIH (Information and Public Relations Coordinator) FISIP explained about the performance of KIH team that has done the translation and improvement of all websites owned by thirteen courses of FISIP UNAIR. Sari emphasizes the importance of each study program at FISIP UNAIR to always update the content of their website.

This event also conducted farewell to Drs. Ajar Triharso, M.S., Lecturer of the Department of International Relations who has completed his dedication at FISIP UNAIR.
Chant of prayer from the Head of Department of International Relations, Muhammad Muttaqien, Ph.D closed the tasyakuran event at this time. BEM FISIP UNAIR President, M. Lutfi Al Jufri who attended the event also gave hope to FISIP UNAIR students in this even semester. "Hopefully, students will get better achievement in academic and non-academic aspect as well as to encourage social sensitivity in community service to improve educational and economic value," said Jufri. (MQ / ES / QQ)


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