Getting to Know Land Mafia Acquisition in North Sumatra Through Tappil Rambe Open Doctoral Examination

30 January 2018

Surabaya – PR | At Tuesday (30/1), an Open Doctoral Examination was held in Adi Sukadana Room, for Tappil Rambe with the title of “Dynamics of Lands from Colonial Era to Reformation: Study on Social Political Metamorphosis of Bandit Land in North Sumatra.” There are lot of enthusiastic spectators to see the exam process, including Tappil’s children and beloved wife. When he read a testimony after getting a doctorate, he cried considering his struggle to finish his dissertation followed by all the attendees who were there. He took the theme of the study because it is based on his experience.

The study explains about the control of land in North Sumatera which is controlled by land bandit that is becoming a growing phenomenon. Socio-political factors become an important factor in the formation of bandits or mafia in the region.

The exam is accompanied by Prof. Dr. Hotman Siahaan, Drs. Tappil get a very satisfactory grade of 3.8.


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