FISIP Welcomes Visiting Student of Labschool Kebayoran High School

24 January 2018

Surabaya-PR. | On Wednesday (24/01), FISIP UNAIR was visited again. This time, a group from Labschool Kebayoran High School, South Jakarta came to visit the orange campus. A total of 30 students and 2 companion teachers from Labschool were greeted by FISIP. This is evidence that FISIP UNAIR is always open in receiving visits from high school and other institutions.

The visit was conducted in Adi Sukadana Room, Building A FISIP UNAIR and started from 09.00 until 11.00 AM, the first visit was opened by Vice Dean I, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dr. Budi Prasetyo and attended also by several department heads in FISIP UNAIR. Students from Labschool who visit are 11th graders, with the aim to get enough information about FISIP UNAIR study program to continue their study after high school.

After opening and welcoming, students from Labschool Kebayoran were shown a profile video of FISIP UNAIR to introduce seven undergraduate programs, five graduate programs and one doctorate program owned by FISIP UNAIR. Students from Labschool look very enthusiastic. Proven after the video profile is played, many questions are asked about the quality of learning, the atmosphere of learning, until the prospect of each job after graduation.

Before the reception of the visit ended, the Dean of FISIP UNAIR, Dr. Drs. Falih Suaedi, M.Si attended the room to welcome the students of Labschool. Falih convey, that all undergraduate majors in FISIP UNAIR have been accredited “A” by BAN-PT. He added that the Communication Studies Program which has the highest strictness, has been accredited by ASEAN and International Relations Department is preparing to also get ASEAN accreditation. The last thing he conveyed was that students from Social Science majors should prove that they should not be underestimated, and "all departments in FISIP UNAIR has good prospects, as long as they give it all in the process." The visit then ended with a tour of FISIP facilities. One of the high school students Labschool admitted to be very happy to get around and get information about FISIP UNAIR. (NIK / LK / QQ)


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