Criticizing Journalistic Commercialization, Nanang Successfully Becomes the 204th FISIP Doctorate Graduate of UNAIR

16 January 2018

Surabaya - Public Relations | Drs. Nanang Krisdinanto, M. Si. underwent Open Doctoral Examination (UDT) trial in Adi Sukadana room of Faculty of Social and Political Science on Tuesday (16/1). The dissertation is entitled "The Fall from Within: The Pressure of Commercialization of Journalistic Fire Fence in Indonesia" was able to make Nanang the 204th doctoral graduate from a reputable social science program "with praise".

Dr. Falih Suaedi, M.Si. as the Dean of FISIP UNAIR acts as the chief examiner and the leader of the session. Meanwhile, Prof. Ir. Joniarto Parung, Ph.D. as the Rector of University of Surabaya and Prof. Dr. Budi Prasetyo, M.Si as Vice Dean of 1 FISIP UNAIR as testers and buffers. Nanang was promoted by Prof. Hotman M. Siahaan and Prof. Rachma Ida, Ph.D. as a copromotor.

Nanang uses the theoretical perspective of Pierre Bourdieu who has a dualistic theoretical orientation (objectivism and subjectivism). The perspective is used to describe the depth of his dissertation which leads to the conclusion that the redundancy the editorial space and business is due to the intensity of commercialization and the print-oriented media in profiting from advertising. Journalistic practices that should be independent, eventually become increasingly affected due to economic interests.

Nanang Krisdinanto said, "Although the value of the economy is diminishing, print media in the future still has a place and will not be replaced by social media, depending on its positioning and how the credible journalistic habitus is maintained. Audiences do not believe in the news in social media because of many hoaxes, so the audience turns to the print media as a reliable source of information. '' (IQ / ES / QQ)


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