BEM FISIP UNAIR Nurture the Spirit of Helping Others through Blood Donor Activities

22 November 2017

Surabaya - Public Relations | Still in the series of the 40th Dies Natalis. FISIP UNAIR hold an Art Market event followed by blood donor activities on Tuesday and Wednesday (21-22 /11). The annual event which was initiated by the dharmawanita FISIP community is in a concept of a bazaar and located in the hall surround the A building. There were more than 35 booths participating, the event which started at 08.00 was opened by Mrs. Falih with a tumpeng cutting ritual. Various booths ranging from food, clothing to handicrafts enlivened the Art Market this year. Student enthusiasm was also very visible due to the location of the event was quite strategic and all the booths that were present are quite well known booth among students.

The next day, the Ministry of Community Service of BEM FISIP UNAIR in cooperation with PMI Surabaya City invited people to donate their blood voluntarily. Located in the back garden of FISIP UNAIR, the blood donor activity started at 10:00 to 16:00 pm. Blood donor registration was opened online and on the spot, with the first 50 registrants getting an attractive door prize. Participants who participated in this blood donation activity reached 100 people, coming from UNAIR students and the general public. Participants who didn’t qualify as a donor still got a gift from the committee.

The blood donation activities is motivated by the fact that, every year the average Indonesian people need 4.9 to 5 million bags of blood. However, every year too, Indonesia always lacks 1 million bags of blood. "The population of Indonesian society is actually a lot, but it is a pity that the number of people who is aware of blood donation is still small. We still often get broadcast message through social media about the number of people who need transfusions because the blood stock in PMI runs out. This is what underlies me and my friends to at least reduce the case lack of blood in Indonesia. It's great that this blood donation activities attract a very high enthusiasm, there are even many participants from outside UNAIR," said Nafis as the chief executive.

Asked what his hope was from this blood donor activity, Nafis replied, "This activity is a closing event for the Ministry of Community Service BEM FISIP UNAIR 2017. Although there are many obstacles, such as long queues, someone fainted, but the activities can still be done well. This blood donation is one of the real forms of community service, hopefully in the next period BEM FISIP UNAIR, this program can be continued with the latest innovations that are not less great. " (YUL / CAY).


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