FISIP Ready To Support UNAIR in the Webometrics Ranking

22 September 2017


Surabaya – Public Relations | As an essential part of Airlangga University, FISIP has always fully supported the university targets and effort in becoming a World Class University (WCU). One of the references Airlangga University uses in WCU is their Webometrics ranking. On Friday (22/09), the team from UNAIR’s Planning and Development Agency (BPP) visited FISIP to conduct an evaluation as well as socialize about the Webometrics university ranking criteria.

The meeting with the BPP UNAIR representatives was attended by the Dean and Vice Dean of FISIP UNAIR. In addition to the deanery, this meeting was also attended by the web program managers from all the departments owned by FISIP UNAIR. Once opened by Prof. Myrtati Dyah Artaria as Vice Dean III of FISIP UNAIR, Muhammad Badowi as the representative of the BPP UNAIR team directly took the course of the evaluation and socialization by explaining in detail matters relating to the management of the website owned by the faculty

Considering the trend of website evaluation criteria that has changed from Webometrics, the BPP UNAIR team responded with a socialization regarding it. Badowi conveys there are four criteria that are currently used by Webometrics in assessing university websites. These four criteria are presence, visibility, openness, and excellence.

There are five strategic steps that have been created by the BPP team to improve the scores of faculty websites as well as UNAIR in all four criteria of the Webometrics assessment. The first step would be to make articles about the faculty’s excellence and include it in the web slider of each faculty. It is then recommended that the first page of the faculty’s web when accessed opens up to an English display. The third, is that the admin from the web and web journalists are expected to understand the tactics in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fourth is to make it in the top menu for “faculty in the news” which contains news about faculties by external media. The last would be the activation of publications on the research conducted by the faculty lecturers. To bring the above things into reality, two central roles are required, namely the head of web admin and the editor of website content.

In its management until now, as a faculty web in the auspices of Airlangga University, FISIP UNAIR is considered to have the best faculty web in the standardization category of website menu. The BPP team also considered that the governance of FISIP news coverage is the best, so it can be a role model for other faculties. (NIK/CAY/NZZ)