Boasting off Indonesia’s Culture, FISIP UNAIR Ethnography Museum Impress Students of Gloria Christian High School 1

30 August 2017

Surabaya – PR | Gloria Christian High School 1 visited the Ethnography Museum of FISIP UNAIR on Wednesday (30/8). Their fourth visit aimed to attend forensic workshops and seminars. The event was held in cooperation between Gloria Christian High School 1 with the Anthropology Department of FISIP UNAIR. According to one of the accompanying teachers, Erna, the visit was organized to provide a hands-down experience for the students. “In order for the students to enhance, learning should not only be in the classroom but also by interacting directly,” stated Erna also an alumnus of FISIP UNAIR.

The students who attended were 11th graders from science and social studies majors. Erna wanted every student to be able to bring home the material presented and understand with their own disciplines approach. “Science students can interpret it through Biology lessons, while social students through a sociological perspective,” she explained.

The activities conducted in this museum visit were very diverse, from listening to a lecture till participating in a special interactive dialogue with the curator of the museum. The teachings they received from this dialogue would be used as a reference in the execution of their report. Erna said this method of learning was very effective. “I hope from our visit this time, the students can be fascinated immediately and increase their interest in the cultural wealth Indonesia keeps,” she concluded. (ANN/CAY/NZZ)


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