Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit, BEM FISIP arranges Sociopreneurship Studies

30 August 2017

Surabaya – PR | The Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences FISIP UNAIR never ceases to amaze us with its ongoing innovative activities. Just this Wednesday (30/8) the Ministry of Creative Economy BEM FISIP held an activity titled “Entrepreneurial Studies” taking place in FISIP UNAIR. Inviting one of FISIP’s alumni, named Arditto Grahadi, S.IP., MM. as a speaker, this lecture was attended by more than 50 FISIP students enthusiastic to gain knowledge related to entrepreneurship. Due to the increasing number of job seekers and the limited availability of employment, this has contributed in shaping the mindset of the developing community to be very dynamic and stimulates the desire to create jobs. Various assumptions are circulating on social graduates and their capabilities in creating a job, underpinning the theme of this event.

Once opened by the host, Arditto as the speaker took over the course of the lecture with the theme of sociopreneurship. With a relaxed nature, Arditto explained that becoming a sociopreneur was different from just being an entrepreneur. According to him, it is not profit that becomes the main goal pursued when becoming a sociopreneur, but service or customer satisfaction.

Arditto also stated that being a graduate from a major with a social science background does not mean that you can’t become an entrepreneur. “Those who study social science may not be experts in manufacture or procurement of goods, etc. But we have the advantages of observing the conditions around, how to make business in the field of profitable services but also help people’s lives. After presenting the material, an active discussion took place between the speakers and the participants. Arditto wrapped the lecture by giving out encouraging motivational sentences to always strive in becoming a successful sociopreneur in the future.

This entrepreneurial study is a series of fisippreneur work programs executed by the Ministry of Creative Economy, which is the third implementation in the period of leadership in 2017. These studies were held as an initial activity leading up to a national seminar. “Our goal is to foster entrepreneur spirit in FISIP students, so that later not only can they become workers but also entrepreneurs: explained Tressya Hulontawa Melamahu, as the person in charge of these entrepreneurial studies (NIK/UC/NZZ).


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