FISIP UNAIR Family Tighten Camaraderie through Holy Day Gathering

07 July 2017


Surabaya – PR | After the holy month of Ramadan that still full with teaching and accreditation activities, came the after event that had been waited by FISIP UNAIR staff. A gathering in the momentum of the holy month was held on Friday (7/7) in Adi Sukadana Room at 1 PM. The event was held 13 days after the Holy Day of Eid al Fitr in 25th June 2017.

The gathering was opened by Dr., Drs., Falih Suaedi, M.Si as the Dean of FISIP UNAIR who reminded the attendees of the forgiveness and the celebration in the spirit of Fitr. He also hoped that the gathering would be used as the momentum to recalibrate and straighten the vision and mission of FISIP UNAIR. After-holiday event as the gathering, he suggested, was the right moment to lift up the spirit of the the lecturers and staff of FISIP UNAIR.

The event was attended by the entire family of FISIP UNAIR, and continued by handshake procession between the lecturers, staffs and also students. A luncheon was also prepared to close the event. (UC/QQ)