FISIP Held Funeral Service in Memoriam of Prof. Dr. Drs. Laurentius Dyson Penjalong, MA

02 July 2017


Surabaya – PR | The moment of Eid al Fitr holiday was disrupted by sad news for FISIP UNAIR. One of FISIP Anthropology Professor, Prof. Dr. Drs. Laurentius Dyson Penjalong, MA, passed away in Wednesday (28/6/2017) at 10.30 PM. The late Professor and also an ex-Director of Social Science Doctorate Program of FISIP UNAIR was treated in Graha Amerta dr. Soetomo hospital for health complications in the time of his passing. The service to give last homage for the Professor was held in FISIP UNAIR at Saturday, July 1st 2017 at 10 AM. The funeral was held 2 hours afterward at Keputih Cemetery.

Hundreds of UNAIR academic society paid their last homage for the Professor had served in the university since 1980. During his tenure as lecturer, Prof. Dyson was known as a friendly and egalitarian Professor. This was shown by the large number of people coming for the service. Other than colleagues from FISIP UNAIR, alumni and also representatives from several university in Surabaya also attended the service. One of the founder of FISIP UNAIR Anthropology Department in 1984, Prof. Dr. Habil Josef Glinka, SVD, also attended. The Polandia-born Professor was shown paying deep respect for Prof. Dyson.

Taken from UNAIR News, Dr. Pinky Saptandari, the Director of Anthropology Department of FISIP UNAIR and also the colleagues of Prof. Dyson recalled that he always encouraged and motivated his juniors to keep pursuing academic goals. The man born in Samarinda, November 3rd 1954 were known to have huge dedication for academic world. Prof. Dyson finished his Undergraduate and Magister Degree at Universitas Indonesia, and his Doctoral Degree at Airlangga University in Anthropology and Psychology Science. He was given the title of Professor in 2005 with oration title “Becoming Indonesian with the Spirit of State Autonomy amidst Globalization.” The passing of Prof. Dyson is a huge loss for FISIP UNAIR. He will always be remembered for his brilliance, fortitude, principled, tenacity, and also humor. So long and thank you, Prof. Laurentius Dyson Penjalong. (ZK/VET)