Postgraduate students and Alumni of FISIP UNAIR Held Charity Events in Ramadan

16 June 2017


Surabaya – PR | Ramadan is the most waited moment for Moslems. It is the moment to celebrate by giving to others, one of the way is to give food for the needy like what was done by Postgraduate Students and alumni of FISIP UNAIR. At Friday (16/6), they distribute about 100 ta’jil, appetizer for breaking fast, in B Campus area. The event was made through high enthusiasm of the students and alumni donation. This kind of event was the first for Postgraduate Students Association. At first, the idea of the event was made spontaneously, but the response was so positive and the donation received was beyond expectation. The event was continued in Saturday (17/6) with a visit to Cahaya Insani Orphanage in Kertajaya and basic supplies distribution in Chinatown and Arab community. On Sunday (18/6), the students held a Sahur on the Road event and distribute 100 rice box on the street. The Postgraduate students was involved directly in the street with an orange banner representing FISIP UNAIR. All those events was being supported by Rp. 14.941.550 worth of donation collected by a speedy eleven days. FISIP. (UC/QQ)