FISIP UNAIR Consistently Improving Student Academic Quality through Discussion Program

31 May 2017


Surabaya – PR | Discussion was one of the way higher education institution to improve their student academic quality. This is being realized by International Relations Student Body in Discussion Program called DIAS held every week in Cakra Discussion Room. This time, the Student Body collaborated with Cakra Studi Global Strategis research body. Radityo Dharmaputra, International Relations lecturer acted as the speaker. Dozens of students from several class years attended the discussion. Not only discussing matters in a fun way, attendees also served by appetizer for breaking the fast together since the occasion was held in Ramadan.

As the main speaker of the discussion, Radityo Dharmaputra talked about the changing landscape of Vladimir Putin leadership over Russia. He explained that Putin had a changing leadership style from pragmatic, conservative, to aggressive. This is shown through Putin first era of 2000-2008 that prioritized diplomatic relation normalization with United States. Then came the conflict of South China Sea that dragged numerous countries in the tension. In this context, China as the big party involved Russia as the mediator. This was made possible by the good relations between Russia and several Southeast Asian countries. According to Radityo’s analysis, Russia interested to care since Asia Pacific is deemed important for future Russia diplomatic relation.

The discussion was proceeded smoothly and interactive. DIAS is one of the routine academic discussion held in FISIP to keep sharpening the skills and understanding of the students. This particular discussion was geared toward International Relations students through international issues and the diplomatic factor influencing it. (ZK/VET)