Deans Greeting

24 August 2016


Welcome News Student of FISIP Unair, Welcome SatriaAirlangga

Welcome Achievements


18 August 2017 was a special moment for Airlangga University’s (UNAIR) new students, especially the new students of Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) since you already accepted to be a part of UNAIR’s civitasacademica and also a part of a big family of an university which on 2016 was awarded as the 4th best university in Indonesia and 190th best Asian university by QS ranking.

As a religious person, this achievement is worth of gratitude to The One and Only God for the blessing we received. Respect your parents and the people who fight for, support, motivate and pray for you so you succeeded to enter this faculty. Welcome to FISIP UNAIR. You chose the right place since this faculty is dynamic, give high regard for pluralism, humanity, democracy and common welfare. Welcome to join our community approximately of 3800 people spread to 13 majors. There are seven undergraduate majors: Sociology, Political Science, State Administration Science, International Relations, Anthropology, Communication Science and Information and Library Science. Beside those, we also offer master degrees in Sociology, Political Science, Public Policy, International Relations and Media and Communication. FISIP also has doctorate program in the field of Sociology, Public Administration, Communication, Political Science and Anthropology to complete the faculty to be a place for students to learn academically and also personally.

Feeling grateful is important but not the only thing that matters, we need persistence, hard work, patience and spirit to succeed in university. Semester Credit System/Sistem Kredit Semester (SKS) is applied in FISIP UNAIR to push the adaptation process of news students so they could be more mature and steady in thinking and reacting related to study process in our beloved faculty. The energy from the students will synergized with tangible and intangible facility the faculty offered, such as library, e-learning system, language center, wi-fi, laboratorium, cyber campus system, qualified lecturers, dynamic curriculum, academic events (seminar, guest lecture, field project, book review, students science week, outbound mobility program,  student entrepreneurship scholarship and highest accredited institution and majors. The aforementioned elements combined with students, faculty staff and university staff would result to accomplished, socially-aware and good natured students.

Today have to be better than yesterday and tomorrow have to be better than today. Thus, I believe with the addition of new students, you would have a newly charged spirit, determination and persistence would adding a new better color to the faculty. Show and prove that you are capable on making better changes and getting better achievements so you could be included in the list of great alumni list.

As of that, I suggest you for routinely visit the faculty, major and university website so you would not missed out on momentum in super dynamic world of today. May The One and Only God always blesses your life journey along with your family and our nation. Amen. WassalamualaikumWr.Wb. (FalihSuaedi, Dekan FISIP UNAIR)


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