29 September 2017

Surabaya – Public Relations | Revinda Carina, a well-known Communication Sciences student in FISIP UNAIR from Sidoarjo, is often known as a friendly and hardworking person. Her dream to become a Puteri Indonesia since childhood has managed to deliver Revin in achieving many awards in various beauty pageants, from the regency level till the national arena. Starting from the election of Revin as a Favourite Puteri in Sidoarjo’s annual tourism ambassador competition, GUK & YUK Sidoarjo 2013, Revin went to the provincial level in the famous event Raka & Raki Jawa Timur and successfully won the title 2nd Runner Up Raka & Raki Jawa Timur 2015. Afterwards, Revin became a newscaster on JTV in the show segment ‘Pojok Pitu’. Revin’s streak of winning in beauty pageants not only bought glory to her school but also the Sidoarjo regency.

In the event of Miss Tourism Indonesia 2017, Revin with her resilient personality and high social spirit, was able to represent East Java and bring home two titles at once, namely as 1st Runner Up Miss Tourism Indonesia 2017 and 1st Runner Up Miss Coffee Indonesia 2017. In preparation for the competition on a national level, Revin implemented a different strategy for her competitions on a provincial level. Revin diligently began to adopt a healthier lifestyle by adjusting her diet, as well as taking private lessons to improve her traditional dance skills. On the sidelines of her hectic preparation, Revin also takes her time to do social activities by volunteering in nursing homes across Sidoarjo.

Initially, when in the final stage of Miss Tourism Indonesia 2017, Revin claimed that she didn’t expect to qualify for the top five. During the quarantine period, Revin tried to continuously reduce her ambitious nature. “My mentor told me, not all pageants expect us to show an ambitious nature. Having a big ambition is good, but to a certain degree. Because great ambitions could lead us into having a bad character such as being selfish”, explained Revin. The prayer, sincerity, and compassion from the people around Revin is what has manifested into all the achievements she has won. Revin’s mother also briefly remarked, “Though we do not have anything materially, but with her spirit, Revin can certainly do anything”. Currently, Revin is making serious efforts to continue her career in the international arena, “Miss Global Beauty Queen 2017” to be held in South Korea in October. (UC/TAR/NZZ)


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