Meet Ajeng Widya, Who Snatched the FISIP Best Graduate Title

23 March 2017

Surabaya – PR | On 11-12 March 2017,  Airlangga University hold the March period of graduation ceremony. Per tradition of the ceremony, the university honors the Best Graduate title and Achievement recognition for each faculty. This year Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) Best Graduate title was honored to Ajeng Widya of Political Science majors.

Ajeng is known as an active student in campus organization. She was the Head of External Relations of Airlangga University Student Executive Body, Comittee in faculty events and also active in Political Science Student Association. She was also active in English Debate competition. Not only that, Ajeng was also active in organization outside campus, Indonesian Youth Inspiration. The organization sent students for exchange program in Vietnam which Ajeng attended in 2015. Amidst her organization activities, Ajeng graduated with 3,6 GPA by 7 semesters. Her achievement in both academic and non academic are earned her the Best Graduate title.

Asked on her future plan, Ajeng wanted to continue studying Political Science in Master degree. This is for her plan to be a lecturer and political scientist in the future. For achieving that, she is now on the process for applying for scholarship.

Ajeng credited her mother to as her driving force. “She was my motivation when people misunderestimated me. She made me this way, from zero to here,” she mused. She also gave her thought on FISIP Unair, “In FISIP, we were thaught to be a complete person both academic and non-academically. If we are too focused in the academic side, we won’t be an integrated people.”

For the students still studying in FISIP, Ajeng gave words of encouragement for them to keep the spirit and focus on their plan. She also adviced them to balance their time well between academic and non academic activities (QQ/CAY).


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