FISIP Communication Major Student Ready to Launch Single after Breaking in Top 9 Rising Star

01 March 2017

Surabaya - PR|The struggle to become a professional singer isn’t easy. That was exactly what Fadhilah Intan, a Communication Major in FISIP UNAIR, had to face for achieving the 'Super9' or the big nine in the famous Rising Star talent show. Not sparing a single pence, the event invited top singers of Indonesia, such as Ariel Noah, Rossa, and Judika as the juries. During the show, Fadhilah sang a variety of classic songs that successfully drew the attention of the juries toward her. The song titled ‘Love’ became her closing finale in the 'Super9' round before finally getting eliminated. But that doesn't mean she would give up on her dreams. Instead, this only spurred her spirit to participate in other singing competitions. She is even preparing a single to be released in collaboration with a national private television station that has signed a contract with her for 3 years. The single is planned to be a pop genre with a mixture of classical melodies sung by Fadhilah. Fadhilah hopes to collaborate with Melly Goeslaw in creating the single.

As a 2016 batch FISIP student, Fadhilah is considered very active judging from her various accolades she achieved, even though she was only in her second semester. Fadhilah's achievements as a Communication major student are: 1st Place in East Java Singing Competition held by the Tourism Office, Top 9 National Singing Competition 2016, and as our faculty’s representative in Universitas Airlangga Ambassador. Of all these achievements, being the Top 9 finalists in a National Singing Competition was an achievement that Fadhilah would never forget. In this competition Fadhilah was required to master various classical songs in various languages such as English, German and Italian. Prior becoming a Top 9, Fadhilah was urged to submit a video of her performance. It was from this video, 16 participants would be selected to compete in Jakarta to win the title. The execution of the competition which coincided with her campus orientation required Fadhilah to be smart in dividing her time and practice every day and night. Nevertheless, these various experiences are appreciated by Fadhilah because it directed her to pursue classical songs that perfectly matched her voice.

Fadhilah is not only talented in the singing industry, she also mastered other areas including ballet and playing instruments, such as piano and violin. Ballet and piano has been an art long learned by Fadhilah from a young age. Fadhilah has even been approved as a teacher after receiving her graduation certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance at the highest level. The variety of skills and achievements Fadhilah owns, come from a burning passion she has towards art and music taught by her parents. Her parents and her grandma have long been in art industry by being singers themselves. They are Fadhilah's main motivation for being in the music business. Many sacrifices had to be made along the way, with her had to cut off time with her friends and following various courses to develop her potential. Her parents gave her the full support for Fadhillah achieving her dreams.

Having a contract with a private television station, a personal manager, and plan to release a single makes Fadhilah a very busy student. But her various accomplishments are balanced by Fadilah prioritizing her academic achievements at Communication Science Department.

“Always try new things and attend activities that fit our passions. Failing many times and losing is normal. Becoming the 'Super9' is a result I had never imagined due to many failures. So, don’t be afraid to fall!” said Fadhilah encouraging the students of FISIP to always achieve more and make their almamater proud (CAY/VET/NZ).


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