Two Outstanding FISIP Students Embrace a Semester in the Land of White Elephants

27 February 2017

Surabaya - PR | Gina Aulia and Gaby Calisha Azzahra are batch 2013 Communication major students who successfully received scholarships to join an exchange program in Thailand for one semester. The program called “The Scholarship Awards - Thailand's Education Hub for the ASEAN + 6 Countries” is held at Prince of Songkla University International College (PSUIC), Hat Yai, Thailand. This program is recently opened by PSUIC and offered to international students. Gina and Gaby went through a rigorous selection process to achieve this exclusive scholarship addressed to students with capabilities in digital media.

There are four main areas of focus in the scholarships provided by PSUIC which are visual effects, interactive media, animation production, and computer programming. These four are also the choices of focus that can be taken by exchange students in the Bachelor Degree of Science in Digital Media Program. In addition to the two students, three other Airlangga students received a similar scholarship.

Gina and Gaby had to go through two selections FISIP students needed to pass in obtaining the scholarship. The first selection was conducted by Airlangga Global Engagement Office (AGE) by reviewing student's document of foreign language skills, especially English, and also their abilities in digital media, be it in the form of photo design or video processing. After successfully passing this phase, AGE recommended them to the selection by PSUIC.

Differences in culture and teaching method are a challenge for Gina and Gaby. Thailand is often used as a place for foreign tourists, but not all locals can speak English. This situation pushed both Gina and Gaby to learn Thai language in order to interact with people.

“The learning method in PSUIC is more about implementation than theory, but it is almost the same with UNAIR with its obligatory final project creation to complete the exams. It must be admitted though, that the facilities offered in PSUIC is complete, such as one computer for one student provided in class,” said Gaby.

As a student participating for the first time in an exchange for a whole semester, Gina said not to worry about pending the graduation, because the experience gained during the exchange is far more valuable and rewarding for the future. Gina hopes for more FISIP students' enthusiasm to participate in similar programs (VIT/CAY/NZ).


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