Mahmudi, Puspita and Zahrina Attended an International Conference in Japan on behalf of FISIP UNAIR

25 December 2016

Surabaya – PR | Mahmudi Ma’aruf, Puspita Titisari Saraswati, and Zahrina Arum Nabilah, three students of Communication Science Department, just came back from IACSS (International Academic Conference on Social Sciences) which was held on 6-8 December 2016. The event was held by HEF (Higher Education Forum), an organization focusing on interdisciplinary social science conference. This organization often invites scholars and researchers to talk about hot issues in social science discourse, such as IACSS that was attended by hundreds participants. According to Zahrina, majority of the attendees was graduates students and Professors.

Their paper was prepped fully. Titled “The Perceptions of The Bachelor Degree of Communication Sciences Students Towards ROCS (Radio on Campus) as a Medium of Communication and Information in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Airlangga”, they asked for mentorship from Communication Science lecturers, and also held a Forum Group Discussion with respondents to achieve an accurate result. With this, they went through an abstract selection process and were asked to present the full paper on the conference. But, the three students had to go through various obstacle before gaining the chance to present their paper in Japan, the biggest one was a matter of funding. A lot of ways such as asking for fund from the University, keeping their travel and living cost on low budget, even using Couchsurfing for tightening the budget even more. The presentation itself was very tense, according to Zahrina. She recalled there were a lot of questions and critics for their research. But, they used that to improve themselves even more in paper-making.

“Don’t be afraid to try and do your best. And don’t even start to think that Social and Political Science major is inferior in research sector, because internationally, all majors are equal,” Mahmudi, who is also a FISIP Ambassador, concluded (CAH).


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